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I am living in India since last two plus decades. Welcome To India, in this series I share my Fun/Weird/Unique stories about my life in India.  Its kind of my day to day life journal. Here I also share, what I have been upto. Hope you will enjoy these stories.

What I was up to other than this blog:

  • I Started going for private Yoga classes in Lokhandwala – Mumbai. Today was my second class. This Yoga class will make you sweat like anything. The class focus is on, Astanga Vinyasa. Also I am doing 7 months Teachers Training Course from The Yoga Institute – Santacruz, Mumbai. This institute is one of the oldest yoga institutes in India.
  • Reading a book named ‘Dare To Run‘. One of my uncles had gifted me this one many years back. Recently, because of Aditya (my husband) I started taking interest in running. I completed some chapters of this book last year and lost interest later. Its a story of Amit and Neepa Sheth, a husband-wife duo who took up running as a sport in their late 30s. Amit had a fascinating story of how he started running marathons.

Now Lets Start With Today’s Story,

My morning private Yoga class is in Lokhandwala – Andheri. It was 12.15 in the afternoon. My class got over and I decided to reach the railway station via Auto(also called as rickshaw).In just five minutes I was in Auto.

I checked my Google map, in 15 minutes I was supposed to reach to Jogeshwari railway station. I was in my own thoughts and looking outside the Auto. Road was crowded. Suddenly I saw a old man, must be 70+, approaching me with a big umbrella in this hand. His facial expressions were tense, he was angry. He wanted to scare me with his umbrella but the speed of my auto was high so he missed his chance.

This was shocking. However I decided to ignore this and keep my mouth shut. But in just 5 minutes, the Auto driver started the topic. He said, he has encountered many such people who do it purposely to scare others. He also mentioned there is another old man in Kurla who stands in middle of the road and tries to scare passersby and abuse auto drivers. Another shock.

Has anything like this happened in your country? Have you ever experience this? Comment below and let me know.

Welcome To India!

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