No, I am not travelling now. I am in Mumbai. I am in my bedroom and thinking to get myself a nice cup of tea from the kitchen. Monsoon is finally started. I was searching for a picture to upload here and selected this one. Its from Andaman – Havelock island trip.

Nowadays its all about numbers. Not just money, but how many likes, views, subscribers, followers. Its a race. Even I am into it. Everyday I check my subscribers , views on my videos. It feels good to see those numbers are increasing. Slow and steady.

But here I am going to tell something else. When it comes to travelling, numbers have some meaning too. They say, “I have visited 5 counties, 10 countries.., 15 in just 2 years. Really? Whats the difference between visiting and exploring?

Booking a five star hotel room , having continental food, sipping your wine and admiring beach sunset by staying in your hotel room, spending your entire vacation in the same hotel without trying local food, meeting local people. Is this your concept of travelling?

Well, everyone’s travel definition is different. There is nothing wrong in staying in good hotels, what bothers me is not exploring that part.

Why I am posting this picture here because now I can understand that 3 years back it was just a VISIT to havelock island and there was hardly any exploring part.