What Is Quick Bite??

Hi My Name is Arati. I am from India. I am not a professional writer. Sometimes I just get bored  to write long post like this and this. So in quick bite, you will find something quick to read, quick to digest, some quick food for thought. 

Alright. Lets see, whats there today.

indian female motovlogger

I really don’t know why am I looking so serious in this picture.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was totally in Sunday mood. Riding with friends is fun. So I had super chilled out ride with @wrongaurav .

We two had played football on Saturday till late night and decided to leave home for next day ride sharp at 6 am. Par nikale kitane baje??? 7 am.

And then I was in no mood to go beyond 40 speed. Due to which Gaurav went ahead and the total video is all about finding nemo. Oops did I say nemo??.

I meant to say finding my friend. What happened and all, you will come to know when you watch this video. I vlog in Hindi + English language. So In case if you find it difficult to understand then feel free to let me know by commenting on any post on my Instagram. Bye Take Care and have a great day.