If you have checked my earlier post on Mumbai to Kelva beach ride then you know it right? After that trip, I was super tired and felt dehydrated.

Summer in Mumbai-India is not so suitable to go for long motorcycle rides. After Kelva beach ride, I had decided , I am not going for any more rides in this summer heat.

But you know what, I couldn’t resist my urge and so that day (..it was Saturday..weekend) I decided to go for a breakfast ride with my friends Akshay and Jayesh.

places to visit near mumbai gorai beach

GORAI & UTTAN BEACH : Weekend Gateways Near Mumbai

We wanted to visit the nearby location and Gorai beach was perfect. It takes 1.5 hours from my place to reach Gorai.


There are 2 ways to reach:

By Ferry:

This is the fastest way. One can take a ferry from Marve or Gorai Creek. The nearest railway station to reach Gorai is Borivali and that to Marve is Malad.

Yes, 2 wheeler transportation is possible and ferry tickets are cheap. You can load your bikes or cycles in the boat. It takes 10 minutes to reach the other side. Distance is not much. 

Once you reach Gorai you can hire a rickshaw (tuk tuk) or a horse carriage to take you to the beach.

By Road:

This route takes more time. Take Western Express Highway all the way to Mira Road then a left turn goes to Uttan Road. Keep your google maps on so you wont miss this left turn.


We started our ride at around 7 AM in the morning. Our plan was to go there by road. I was late and when I reached the meeting point, I saw Akshay and Jayesh sipping morning tea. If you wish to taste proper Indian tea(..also called as Chai in Hindi) then roadside tea stalls are the best one.

As always we quickly decided our riding positions. Akshay was leading, I was in the middle and Jayesh was last. None of us had visited Gorai and Uttan beaches before.

Inspite of Saturday, I did not see any riders on the road. We started our ride late and that could be the reason as most of the motorcycle riders start their rides early morning.We had to stop a couple of times to check google maps. Uttan beach comes before Gorai.

In Utan there is a nice resort , U-tan Sea Resort. I had been there twice. This resort offers good breakfast, swimming pool and some outdoor games. If you are looking for a affordable weekend stay near Mumbai then add this resort in your option list.

Find Great Deals On Resorts Near Gorai



So what I was saying….. when we reached Utan, it reminded me of that yummy breakfast. This time we decided to first visit Utan beach and then take a decision where to stop for our breakfast.


I was very glad that we decided to go by road while going. As soon as as I touched the Uttan road, I felt as if I was riding in Goa. Beautiful roads give you village kind of feeling, with greenery on both sides. On some stretches, you will find the backwater on the road-side.

As we started approaching the Utan beach,we got an amazing view of this coastal village where the houses were painted in different colors. Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue..wow what a picture perfect view it was. Let me show you some pictures.

Also I noticed dried fish laid out to dry on the roads. Many questions came to my mind.
“How come there is not a single person here to guard the dried fish?”
“How come the street dogs are not taking away the fish” 
It was smelling so bad due to dead fishes. Not exactly bad..as I still love fishes(..yes I have on and off love affairt with fishes)..it was kind of strong fish smell.
Jayesh does not eat non vegetarian food. 
“Is it smelling that bad??”, I asked them just to make sure its just not me alone feeling this strong smell. They both nodded their head to say Yes
Some roads leading to the Uttan village were very narrow to the extent that only one big vehicle could pass at one time.


Beach with rocks , surrounded by Church, very beautiful coastal line, seems a nice place for a photoshoot. Do not forget to bring your DSLR’s and props.
The beach is naturally divided into several sections due to rocks. Apart from the beach itself, the road which takes you there is very impressive.
This is where we stopped for 15-20 minutes and decided to click pictures.
When there is a perfect spot to click pictures, you gotto click some pictures. And thats what we did here.
I personally liked this spot. The beach is not clean (yes comparatively cleaner as compared to Mumbai beaches) and be careful while walking as there are many glass pieces/ liqueur bottles scattered everywhere.
After spending 20 minutes there we decided to leave. The time was 9 AM and the climate was still pleasant.
Gorai is not that far from Utan beach. It did not take more than 30 minutes to reach Gorai beach
The road to Gorai beach is narrow and there are many beach facing resorts where you can stop to take a break.


Gorai beach has kind of brown-black color combination wet sand. The entrance to the beach is a very narrow. Chances are your car might get stuck midway as there is hardly space for two cars to pass simultaneously.
Roads from Uttan to Gorai are attractive. Entire road is surrounded by greens and is great to travel early mornings. I  Beach itself is not that clean and scenic. When we reached high tight was started and plastic bags other garbage was scattered on the beach. Not so pleasant view.

If you look around then you will notice Coconut trees line the beach and there are villas and inns surrounding them.

 By considering beautiful roads that take you to Goran Beach, I would still consider it as a weekend gateway near Mumbai.
We parked our motorcycles on the beach. We had to leave in 10 minutes as the water level started approaching to our bikes.


It was 10 AM and already started feeling hungry. Also we wanted to reach home early that day, so taking a ferry from Gorai was the ultimate option.
From Gorai jetty we purchased tickets and within two minutes the ferry arrived.
When you are in the ferry, you need to pay additional 5 rupees per person. When you take a ferry from Gorai jetty to Mumbai, usually the ferries are empty in the morning. As most of the people take ferries from Mumbai to Gorai to go to Eseelworld , water kingdom.


Watch Beautiful Sunrise & Sunset

Explore Nearby Fishermen Villages: It will be a different experience to watch frishermen bring in the fresh catch and sort it out. Again I am saying, roads which go to Uttan and Gorai beaches are worth to explore. If you have a 4 or 2 wheeler do not miss the opportunity to check colorful picturestic bunglows, big coconut trees, local fish market.

Sea food lovers..Buy Fresh Fish or East Fresh Fish 🙂
Its a good news for all the sea food lovers out there. If you wish to buy fresh fishes, you will get a very nice deal here.

Just remember
If you are a family or travelling solo, try to avoid the rocky patch along the Uttan beach. I noticed so many liquor bottles ther so you can figure out why I am saying this.


Few kms away are
I really enjoyed this short and sweet weekend breakfast ride. To my surprise, I did not feel tired or dehydrated at all of this motorcycle ride. It was super fun. I would like to travel these roads again in Monsoon.
I hope this Mumbai To Gorai Beach guide was helpful. If you still have any questions then you can ask me on my social media accounts.
Thats all for today guys. Keep visiting my website for more weekend gateways near Mumbai.