Mumbai is one of the biggest cities of India. In this city, you need to take breaks from your hectic busy schedule on timely manner. This city gives lot of opportunities but also makes you tired.

Going for rides on my motorcycle is one of such breaks I like to take. It helps me to charge my batteries and brings nice smile on my face. When it comes to selecting travel destinations, beaches are my favorite. I am totally a beach girl.

mumbai to kelva beach weekend trip ride

Unfortunately beaches in Mumbai don’t attract me. I have seen crystal clear water of Phi Phi Island beaches, Kokan (my village) has so many ridiculously beautiful virgin beaches. So beaches in Mumbai always fail to get my attention. Well, at the same time, I agree we are responsible for the condition of Mumbai beaches. Juhu beach in Mumbai has lost is beauty due to man made garbage.

That’s the reason I don’t take any efforts to visit any of the Mumbai beaches. I had heard a lot about Kelva beach. Kelva beach is alomst 80-90 kilometers far from my place in Mumbai. It was suitable for our Sunday breakfast ride.

A day before our ride, I checked Google Maps. It siad, it will take approximately 2 hours to reach there. ‘4 hours round up motorcycle ride’ , Not bad.

I am not sure, how many of you know that I am a motovlogger. Which means I do vlogging while riding my motorcycle and upload my vlogs on my Youtube Channel. As I was visiting Kelva beach for the very first time, I decided to shoot a motovlog.

Camera – Check ..Tripod – Check ….Riding Gears – Check

Alright. I checked everything. I was so ready to hit the road. It was a beautiful Sunday Morning of March 2018.

Me and friends were supposed to meet at 5.45 AM. But I was late. At 6AM, I called Akshay to inform him that I will take another 15-20 mitnues to reach the meeting point. Whenever I do motovlog, it takes some additional time to do mic check and helmet setup.

At 6AM, it was quite dark. I had my Gopro camera helmet setup ready. Whenever I check myself with a proper helmet setup, I sometimes laugh. I look so funny.

indian female motovlogger motovlog

Anyways, I started my motorcycle and in 5 minutes, I reached to our meeting point. Akshay was waiting for me. Akshay rides Royal Enfield.

I usually dont record anything till the time I come out of Mumbai City. There are two reasons for that. First, to save my Gopro Camera battery (because I have only one Gopro battery as of now 🙁 ) and second reason is ‘whats the point of recording Mumbai traffic.’

It was my second Motorcycle Ride with Akshay and Ketan. Three of us had previously done ‘Parsi Da Dhaba’ breakfast ride. We decided our riding positions. That day, Akshay was leading, I was in the middle and Ketan was last. Once we decide this riding sequence, we follow it till end of the ride.

And thats how our Mumbai To Kelva Beach Weekend Bike Ride was started.

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 1

Akshay and Ketan had already visited Kelva beach.

After one hour we decided to take a break to eat something. I was feeling hungry as I hardly had anything while leaving home.

While sipping highway chai (tea) with freshly made vada pav, they told me about their first visit to Kelva beach. Both of them visited Kelva so many years ago on their scooty. If you are wondering what scooty is then this is how it looks. That time they had no motorcycle.

scooty in india

When three of us meet, motorcycle rides, weekend destinations near Mumbai , planning our next bike rides these are some of the topics of our discussion. I think, its very common when two biker friends meet. What do you say?

After 15-20 minutes our dicussion came to an end as we needed to continue with our further ride. I checked Google map again. Another 40-50 to reach Kelva, Google map said. 

As I started my motorcycle, in just two minutes I was amazed by those wonderful roads. Just have a look.

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 22Ahhhh…Those mountains, empty roads, farms. 

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 21

Aren’t these roads are beautiful?? In spite of weekend, Sunday , there was hardly anyone on those roads. After some time, I could see mountains, Vaitarna River.

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 18

There was a big bridge on Vaitarna river. It was a perfect spot to click some nice pictures.

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 16

‘Can we stop here?’ I asked Ketan

‘No, we can stop here while coming back. Now lets first reach Kelva.’ Ketan said

Alright’ I replied and we continued with our ride.

Once you cross the Vaitarna river, after some time there comes a Ghat (translation of Ghats in English = Hilly roads, steep curving, mountian pass ect.). This ghat is not so long lengthwise but it has sharp turns.

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 19I dont have pictures to show you, but believe me this ghat has sharp turns. Unlike this picture.

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 20

Riding in that ghat was one of a kind pleasant experience.

Note To Myself: I better start remembering names of all ghats, rivers, villages which I cross while riding. It will help me to share with you.

We reached Kelva beach at around 9.30 AM. The moment we reached there, first preference was given to eat something 🙂 . You can find many small small hotels near Kevla beach which offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 28

Finding food here is not a big deal.

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 29

We settled down in a small hotel and ordered three Misal Pav. Misal Pav is very popular local breakfast dish in Maharastra state. Ideally its a spicy dish but if you cant handle Indian spices then you can ask them to make less spicy or middle spicy as per your like. I prefer to order medium spicy Misal Pav and I wonder whether these people really understand what medium spicy level is? Hehe.

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 30My medium spicy Misal Pave looked something like this. It was not that great taste wise. I could compare as I had already tasted Misal Pav many times in different areas of Maharashtra. But when you are hungry, everything taste great.

Just outside the main entrance of Kelva beach, there is this big temple,Shitladevi Temple. This must be one of those tourist attractions in Kelva.  Let me show you how it looks from outside.

mumbai to kelva beach weekend destination

Kelva Beach, is a proper black sand beach. I was relieved to see the beach was not crowded. We stayed on the beach for almost one hour. It was getting hot. 

mumbai to kelva kelwa beach motovlog ride indian female motovlogger _ 38

We clicked some pictures there.

mumbai to kelva beach weekend destination bike ride

Before starting our return journey, each one of us had coconut water. Ohh, I forgot to mention, we had to pay some money as an entry fee to enter beach.

While coming back, we changed the sequence. Now Ketan was leading, I was in the middle and Akshay last.

When we reached the Vaitarna river again, we decided to stop. Vaitarna is huge. The best thing about travelling solo or with friends is that, you can take breaks whenever or wherever you wish too. Well, most of the times 😛 .

female motovlogger motovlog in india aratis life

After that we did not take any breaks till the time we reached home. We continued riding nonstop for two and half hours. By the time I reached home, I was totally dehydrated, exhausted, tired (mostly due to Mumbai traffic). I had a think layer of dust on my face.

That day I told myself. Enough is Enough. I am not going for another ride in this hot Mumbai climate or till the time Monsoon starts.

Here is small video of this ride.

I vlog in Hindi + English language. If you understand hindi then you can watch the entire ride video HERE .

Today when I am writing this article, its April. It been almost a month now that I haven’t gone for any motorcycle rides. And you know what I am so missing it. I am getting those cravings to go for bike rides. If you are a rider, you can understand my feelings.

Hmm. No worries. I will hit the road soon. Mostly next week. I hope you enjoyed my Mumbai To Kelva Beach travel story. 

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Thats all for today guys. Take a great care of yourself and I will meet you in another travel story. Bye

Stay Happy. Stay Blessed.

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