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Stunning Khavane beach: Hidden Secluded Beaches in Konkan

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This beach is one of the hidden gems of Konkan.

I visited this first time in April 2017 and later in June 2017.

I must say this one is one of the best beautiful secluded beaches I have visited so far in India.

You will the most amazing sunset from here.

There are actually two versions of this beach. One is known as Motha Khavane (Bigger size beach) and Chota Khavane (smaller sized beached).

Small beach is hardly visited by people (I visited this and guys you cant afford to miss this) and is mainly used to park small local fishing boats.  A small road goes to Chota khavane which is not convenient for big cars.

Motha Khavane is relatively longer beach. You will find fishing activity and only 1 nice resort located on beach.

This beach is truly a private beach, with three sides covered with hills.

The first glimpse of this beach (from atop an adjoining hill) will make you fall in love with this place.

Only disadvantage is since it’s a steep beach you cannot go deep into the water.

Attractions: Bhogave, Vengurla, Nivati are some of the beautiful Konkan beaches are 30-40 minutes away from it. Beach hopping can be possible.

By Air: Dablim, Goa

By Rail: Kudal (Konkan Railway)

By Road:

Mumbai To Khvane Beach :  545 km

Panjim (Goa)  To Khavane Beach : 67 km

Pune To Khavane Beach : 403 Km

Where To Stay:

There are not much hotels here. However homestay chances are high as one high to do proper inquiry. Another option is to stay in Vengurla which and visit this beach.

What to Eat: When you are in Kokan Fish Curry, Chicken-Wade (Kombadi Wade) are must for non veterinarians. Also try Kokam curry(Sol Curry). If you come here in Summers then dont forget to buy fresh cashew nuts.

Any Tips: Try not to miss this place if you are at Vengurla or Malvan. Dont go deep in water as its not safe for swimming.

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Map of Khavane Beach:

Center map

Explore Khavane Beach with this map. Can you spot Chota and Mota Khavane Beach?

Well, take your time and if you can find these spots do let me know by commenting below. So bye keep travelling and share your story with me.

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