Welcome To India! 2

I am living in India since last two plus decades. Welcome To India, in this series I share my Fun/Weird/Unique stories about my life in India.  Its kind of my day to day life journal. Here I also share, what I have been upto. Hope you will enjoy these stories.

What I was up to other than this blog:

  • Today I completed recording of 2 videos for My Youtube Channel : Aratis Life.
  • Tomorrow is 14th Feb. Valentines Day. We dont do anything special. But I am thinking to go somwhere for nice dinner. I am gona check nice places right after finishing this post.

Now Lets Start With Today’s Story,

If you happened to visit costal side of Maharastra state, called as Konkan then I am sure you must have heard of ‘Bhakari’. Its basically rice roti. It is served in the main course. I would suggest to have Indian Chattani, Chicken curry, Fish curry with Bhakari. Wow, its so mouth watering.

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I am not a person who loves cooking every single day. But sometimes I like to cook and try some dishes. Let me tell, no matter how many times and how hard I try to make this Bhakri in my Mumbai kitchen, it never gets the taste same taste.

You gotta try it in Maharashtra villages only. There they make it on Chulha. Chulha is a traditional Indian cooking earthen stove.

We have Mai Aunty who makes Bhakris for us. Whenever I visit my village in Maharastra I make sure to have Chullhe ke Bhakri. You got eat it when its hot and eat it like Indian Chapati/ Roti.

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Welcome To India!

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