When I think about Top 10 things to do in Koh Phi Phi Island, hike to Koh Phi Phi View Points always has a special place in that list.

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The best photos of this Island comes with a little work or I would say workout ūüôā .

The Phi Phi viewpoint is elevated to 186 meter, which isn’t really that high. If you’re fit and feeling energetic, it’s a brisk 30 minute walk.¬†The view is, of course, magnificent.

koh phi phi island view points

view points in koh phi phi island

When you are at the top, you get a stunning view of Koh Phi Phi island.¬†From here one can see the unusual shape of the Phi Phi Islands, structured like ‚ÄėH‚Äô.


When we decided to visit Phi Phi viewpoints, we only knew one way to reach there and that was by road. But later we came to know basically there are total three ways to get to the Koh Phi Phi viewpoints.

By Roads:

We accidentally took this long way. It was a great work out though. Its not steep and has fewer steps. You get plenty of resting points on the way. 

With this route you will pass through a more local side of the island. I noticed many local houses, local people on the way which you dont get to see otherwise.

koh phi phi island view point

….though there was hardly anyone on the road, I found it pretty safe….

what to see in koh phi phi island

..this is what happens when the photographer is ready but you are not. May be I was wondering,how much more I need to climb….

places to visit in koh phi phi

..on the way, I found some houses of locals….

koh phi phi island things to do

…the road was not steep all the time..but..

tourist attractions koh phi phi island

..but..some spots were steep and required little more efforts. This was that spot where I regret to start this hike in the afternoon. It was hot and luckily I were carrying a water bottle with me.

koh phi phi places to visit

…this looked¬†colorful..may be people come here to pray..i am not sure though..as there was no one to help me understand importance of it..I thought to click a picture and continued my hike..

koh phi phi island tourist attractions

..you will find so many directions like this on the way to phi phi view points..it was so helpful..

koh phi phi island fruits

…i was carrying some food with me..some chips, fresh fruits, water..we took a break from hiking and had fresh fruits.

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koh phi phi island jungle

…you will notice these big beautiful green trees only when you decide to visit Phi Phi viewpoints by roads…

koh phi phi island view point hike

…here we paid an entry free ..it was 30 bhat..i will talk about entry fee¬†later in this post…

koh phi phi island view points climb

….as we about to reach to the view points..we found this ladder..steps were few but it was steep…

By Stairs:

No lets talk about the most popular way to reach the viewpoints, by stairs. Walk to the back of the Tonsai village and you will find it. You will easily find the stairs, so just start climbing. These are quite a number of steep set of stairs so I would recommend to wear proper sandals or shoes instead of beach slippers. 

After 10 AM it can get hot and tiring. Also careful on the steps as they can be a bit slippery.

I climbed down by stairs. Here are some pictures for you to get some ides of this route.

koh phi phi islands things to do

…this is the starting point while coming to the phi phi view point by stairs…in this area you will find the cheapest accommodation¬†options available on Phi Phi island. Most of them are non-air conditioner rooms given on rent by locals..i found some local general stores, beauty parlors¬†on the way..

koh phi phi islands view point way tips

…the steps were in good condition and maintained….

koh phi phi islands how to reach there

…..you will also surprised to see some fountains on the way…
koh phi phi islands stunning pictures

….as start approaching towards phi phi view points, views like this will make you click some pictures…

koh phi phi islands view point how to reach

….see how nicely the route was maintained..i couldn’t¬†find even a single piece of plastic here…koh phi phi islands local home

…..local houses….

By MotorBike Taxi:

If you are not fond of hiking and still wish to visit Phi Phi viewpoints then hiring a Motorbike would be helpful. Most of these motorbike taxies charge a round trip fare. But if you have great negotiating skills then chances are you will crack a great deal.


There is some amount you need to pay to visit phi phi view points. During my visit I paid 30 Bhat. However the entrance free keeps on changing. If you are serious about to visit Phi Phi viewpoints, then do not forget to carry some cash with you. Otherwise you will not be allowed to go inside.


Breath taking views. That’s the only thing comes to my mind. Whatever efforts you take to reach the view points, it all pays off when you see the entire Phi Phi island from the top.

koh phi phi islands view points tips

travel to koh phi phi islands

There is a small shop on the top, where you can buy some food items, water, juices. I found it very expensive. So best thing is carry your food and water with you.

top 10 places to visit in koh phi phi islands

….this is that shop..i saw some people where working on laptops inside…

koh phi phi islands food guide

….the shop also offers all sort of soft drinks and some local items which you can buy to gift someone…

koh phi phi islands how

…if you roam around, you will see picture perfect spots to click nice pictures for Instagram…


Sunrise Time/anytime before 10 AM OR late afternoon/Sunset Time. At sunrise time, the climate will be much cooler and you should have the viewpoints almost all to yourself.

The reason is Koh Phi Phi is kind of a party island. Majority of  people come here just to relax, party with friends. So they goto bed late and definitely not all wake up before sunrise. Thats why early morning is the best time. After 10 AM temperature starts getting high so afternoon will not be so cool time to visit.

koh phi phi view points guidlines

If you decide to attempt the hike for sunrise or sunset (late afternoon) then make sure to carry a flashlight or head torch because one way of your trip will be in the dark.


I could not reach the viewpoints at sunrise or sunset. When we started the hike in the afternoon, within 15 minutes I felt dehydrated. Thankfully I was carrying one water bottle with me and some local fruits.

So here is the small list of items which you can carry with you:

  1. 100 Bhats ( 30 Bhats will require for Phi Phi Viewpoint entry fee. For a safer side its always good to have some extra money.)
  2. Minimum 1 liter of bottle per person.
  3. I used my rubber beach slippers for hiking. But a proper sandal or running/trekking shoes ( with nice grip) will make your life much much better.
  4. Flashlight or Head Torch if you plan to visit at sunrise or sunset.
  5. Some food. Like fresh fruits or dry snacks.


Q: How high is the highest point on Koh Phi Phi?

A: 186 Meters or 610 feet above sea level

Q: Is it safe to hike to Koh Phi Phi Viewpoints?

A: Yes, it is very safe, the trail is well traveled and paved most of the way

Q: Is alcohol Allowed on the viewpoints?

A: No, currently no alcohol is allowed on the viewpoints for safety reasons.

Q: I am doing one day boat trip to Koh Phi Phi. Should I include Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint in my itinerary?

A: I would suggest not to make one day trip hectic. Visiting Koh Phi Phi viewpoints can be tiring if one is not used to hiking.

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The Koh Phi Phi viewpoints deserve to be in your Thailand bucket list. I hope this article was helpful.

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