I have this hate and love relationship with Mumbai city. The nature lover in me, tries to find all those not so crowded places in Mumbai. The Global Vipassana Pagoda in Gorai falls under such places.
the global vipasana center pagoda

The Global Vipassana Pagoda

The Global Vipassana Pagoda was built to create a space for people to come and meditate together. People who visit pagoda get the opportunity to participate in free meditation sessions.

Not everyone comes here with the intention to meditate. Most of the people visit this place simply because its so stunning. I mean look at the architecture.

My Solo Riding Plan

After visiting this place with my friends a couple of times, I had decided to come here on motorcycle.
That day none of my friends were available to come with me. So I planned to go solo on my motorcycle. Solo motorcycle rides makes me happy. Or I would rather say, these rides help me to boost my confidence and help to improve my relationship with my motorcycle.
There are two ways to get to this place. You can go there by road or by ferry. I have written this separate guide on The Global Vipassana Pagoda which will help you if you are planning to visit this place.
I checked the google map. By ferry it showed me 1 hour and by road 1.40 hours. I decided to go there by ferry.
I left home after 2 PM. It was the first time I was taking my motorcycle in ferry.  
When I reached there high tide was on. Water level was high. There was a long queue of motorcycles.
female motovlogger in india solo motorcycle ride aratis life r90
…this was clicked outside Gorai Jetty Ticket Counter…….
There are two types of ferries. One goes to EsselWorld and the other is local ferry. If you are taking your two wheeler, make sure to take a local ferry(…not Esselworld ferry) ticket at the ticket counter. Ticket price is very cheap.

It looked Scary….

I had to wait for 10 minutes in a queue for ferry to come. As you can see in the below picture, due to high tide people had to take their two wheelers in water. It does not look scary to me now, but trust me the scene was little scary when first time I saw them taking their bikes like this.
female motovlogger in india solo motorcycle ride aratis life3
I let the first ferry go. 15-20 minutes passed. When the second ferry arrived, I checked the ferry-platform alignment. This time there was not much gap and also water level was decreased a little bit.
female motovlogger in india solo motorcycle ride aratis life8
I quickly asked a person behind me if he could record or take pictures. I gave my camera to him. And within 60 second I was in ferry.
female motovlogger in india solo motorcycle ride aratis life4
 …thats me…..and ….it was fun..
Wow, that was so quick, I told myself. It was a proud moment. Because I was scared and still gathered that courage to take my motorcycle in ferry. 
Later it hardly took 10 minutes to reach the opposite site of Gorai creek. You need to pay some more money when you are in ferry. The person asked me to give 5 rupees. Ferries are crowded on weekends.
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Once you come out of ferry, it takes another 15 minutes to reach Pagoda. You will find auto rickshaws (tik tuk) outside.
female motovlogger in india solo motorcycle ride aratis life7
…it was summer and still I could see greenery on both sides of the road….. 
tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai22
I have to come here in monsoon, I added it in my monsoon motorcycle ride destinations near Mumbai list.
As you start getting nearer to pagoda, you will see indicators to Essel world and water kingdom.
 pagoda roadtourist places in mumbaifemale motovlogger in india aratis life… the camera setup I use for motovlogging…
Also you will find some roadside stalls where you can taste Indian famous Wada Pav, ice gola , sharbaat (juices) etc..
female motovlogger in india solo motorcycle ride aratis life34
I was looking for a parking place and stopped a couple of times to ask about it. The good news is, you will get a free parking right opposite of pagoda.
tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai
….parking place right outside Pagoda….
female motovlogger in india solo motorcycle ride aratis life45
…thats where I parked my motorcycle….
I just wonder, on weekends when so many people come here by cars, what would the scenario?? The parking is not sufficient to accommodate many vehicles.
On reaching pagoda, the first word came in my mind was ‘it’s beautiful’ and I am not exaggerating. It’s very difficult to believe this stunning piece of architecture is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai.
I stopped at the Pagoda entrance, took out my camera and asked one person to click my picture.
Let me tell you, there is no entrance fee. Pagoda runs totally on donation. As I entered inside, I could not resist myself from clicking pictures.
tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 14 tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 8 tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 3 tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 5 tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 11

And she did not allow to carry my Gorilla Pod

 At the start there is a security check. I had 2 cameras with me. Gopro and Panasonic lx 100. I was also carrying a gorilla pod too. Gorilla pod looks different.
“What is this..?? the security lady asked
“It’s my selfistick.” I had to said this as I wanted to take my gorilla pod inside with me.
“This how selfistick looks?” Another question from her.
“Yes. It’s a new model” I said
But I knew I was totally failed to convince her. I could see on her face.
She said I can’t take it with me inside. Ohhh no. She gave me a token and took that gorilla pod from me.
“While leaving, come here again and take it from me” She said
“You had a unique voice” She continued
“Ohh thank you” To my surprise in that situation too, I could replied this with a smile.
As I walked out of the security check hall, I started clicking pictures. I was in my own world, trying to get good shoots for youtube channel.
tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 7 tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 16 tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 13 tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 2

First Surprise….

“Hi, are you Arati’s Life??” Suddenly a guy asked me.
“Yes?” It took some time to figure out from which direction that voice came.
“I watch you YouTube videos and I am your channel subscriber” He said
“Whaaatt??” Of course I did not express this. But that was a nice surprise for me.
First time I was meeting my Youtube channel subscriber face to face.
“Thank you for watching my videos” I replied with happy face.
And guys, thats all I could say. But it made me happy.
Whoever is reading this article, trust me. You guys are awesome that you take out time to read my articles. Thank you.
In Pagoda, you can find clean wash rooms, two food courts, a shop, donation center, garden. Also there is a small meditation hall where free 10 minutes guided meditation is offered.
tourist places in mumbai the global vipasana center pagoda gorai 15
 …me waiting outside the 10 minutes meditation hall…waiting for my turn..

And One More Time…

 I was waiting outside the meditation hall for my turn.
“Hey are you Arati’s Life?”
“What is happening. Am I in some kind of dream??” I asked myself.
I noticed one man with a small baby in his hands. He had a gentle smile on his face.
I watch your Youtube vlogs. Specially, I liked the Konkan Travel series.
 ..with his permission I clicked this picture…his baby was damn cute..he introduced me to his wife. They were also waiting for meditation…
I like guided meditations. It helps to make your mind calm. The free 10 minutes meditation which this center offers is a recorded one. As I entered the meditation hall, I sat down in the front row. Inside meditation hall, separate siting arrangement is available for women and men.
I wont say this meditation experience was amazing but it was different. It also depends on what state of mind you are in while meditating. And that time my mind was full of ideas.. what camera angle to take, what information to give in vlog etc etc.
If you wish to visit this Global Viapassana Pagoda , make sure you have nice 4-5 hours in hand. There is a big painting gallery. Paintings are based on Buddhas life. 
I had already visited this painting gallery in my previous visit. Due to lack of time, I decided not to visit it again.
After 2 hours of shooting, vlogging, picturing I was feeling hungry. There are 2 food courts. I decided to visit the small one. I was able to grab a table where I kept all camera accessories, tripods, motorcycle helmet.
tourist place global vipasana center pagoda gorai mumbai1
I helped myself with a small ice cream candy. Trust me guys, when you do a motovlog, shoot for 2 hours that small ice candy will taste ridiculously delicious.
If one wish to eat something then there are vegetarian options like sandwiches, rolls, chips etc.
the global vipassana pagoda guide
tourist place global vipasana center pagoda gorai mumbai1

The center of this Pagoda contains the world’s largest stone dome built without any supporting pillars with the dome height being approximately 29 meters – which makes it a must watch.

The large meditation hall at the center of this domed structure can accommodate 8000 people at a time. Other main attractions include the stunning Myanmar Gate , a tall beautiful marble statue of Buddha, the Bell Tower.

Read my article to get complete information on The Global Vipassana Pagoda.
Tripods are not allowed in the entire premises. I spent another 30-40 minutes here and there. The exit takes you from the Shop where you can buy Tshirts, Bags, Books/CDs on Meditation etc. I bought a key chain for my motorcycle.

And I Decided To Take Ferry Again

By the time I decided to leave it was 5.30 PM. My phone battery was dead, so I could not checked the google maps.
“How much time it will take from here to touch the highway??” I asked the cashier at shop who was busy in talking to his colleague.
“I will drop you at your place.” He said
“No Sir, I will go by bus. Today I have to leave early.” She replied.
After 2 minutes, I repeated my question again and told them that I have a motorcycle with me. 
“Well, in that case taking a ferry is the best choice to reach home fast. Otherwise you will get traffic.”
He was right. I know Mumbai traffic very well. Ferry..ha..allright.
It took hardly 15 minutes to reach the Gorai jetty. Iphone dead..Gopro dead. Only Sjcam camera had some life. But I was too tired to take out the camera to do motovlog.
 the global vipassana pagoda guide help
Taking my motorcycle in ferry again was another thing. Road towards ferry looked slippery. The ferry guy told me not to use break and guaranteed me it will be quick.
Oh my god. I did it again. Pat on my back. That proud feeling one more time. My solo motorcycle rides give me these amazing experiences. Within 1 hour I was home.
If you wish to watch this Solo ride vlog to then check below video. Its in Hindi language.

Guys, if you are planning to visit The Global Vipassana Pagoda Gorai on motorcycle then try ferry route. It would be a different experience altogether. This place is my alltime favorite places to visit in Mumbai. 
I hope you like this ride. You can share it with your friends. Thank you for reading this. You can say Hi to me on
Ride Safe. As always, Stay Happy Stay Blessed.