Namaste, App Kaise Ho…translation in English.. Hello, How are you??

Last year I understood the importance of knowing some words of local language. How?? Here is the story..

During my Thailand Trip, I visited Koh Phi Phi and Koh Tao islands. Being a street food food lover, I tried many local Thai dishes. Thai food is amazing. But I found it little difficult to communicate with local Thai people who hardly understand any English. My experience would have been much much better if I had some knowledge of their language.

If you brush up on key words and phrases before traveling to a new country, you can save your lot of time.  Knowing some words, phrases of native language makes you, and those you interact with, happy. 

First off, it makes travel so much easier. Being able to read a sign or ask someone where the washroom can make a fun travel experience.

common hindi words phrases in india travel

Even if it is not grammatically all correct, the smiles on people’s faces when you speak to them in their mother tongue show that they appreciate it.  And in return, you also feel a sense of accomplishment. (Oh My God! I said “Hello!” And they understood!) Its pretty amazing.

If you are traveling in India, then let me make your travel experience better.

Let me teach you some Hindi words, phrases and sentences which Indians use on daily basis. Learn hindi through english. Excited to learn Hindi? Yes? Then lets get started.

So, here are a some phrases and words in Hindi. Try using them as per the situation and have fun. Well, you can come back to my website to thank me 🙂

Hello / Goodbye / Hi – Namashkar or Namashte

Lets Go – Chalo

Enough – bahut hua

Okay – Achha / Thik Hai

What – Kya

Yes – Haan

No – Nahi

Excuse me – Mujhe maaj kijeeye

Thank you – Dhanyabad, Shukriya

I have to go – Mujhe jaana hai

How are you? – Aap kaise hain?

I’m fine – Main thik hoon

What is your name? – Aapka naam kya hai?

My name is Arati – Mera naam Arati hai

Its nice to meet you – Aap se mil ke khushi hui

We will meet again – Phir milenge

What time is it? – Kya samaya hai?

I do not know – Mujhe malum nahi

I like India – Mujhe India Pasand Hai

This is too expensive – Yeh bahut mehenga hai

I want this one – Mujhe yeh chahiye

I don’t want it – Nahi chahiye

Congratulations.  You have just learnt essential Hindi words and Phrases. Well Done.

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Did you enjoy learning Hindi? Do you wish to learn more basic Hindi words? Then here you go

I Can’t Speak Hindi – Mujhe Hindi nahi aati

Where are you going – App kaha ja rahe hai

Where can I find…? – Kahan milegee?

Where is the bathroom? – Bathroom kahan hai?

 I want drinking water – Mujhe peene ka pani chahiye

 What is the cost of this? – Yeh kitne ka hai? 

I’ll call the police – Police ko bulaungee

English is spoken widely in Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore. You can easily manage your travel to major cities of India with your English knowledge.

However, sometimes, a little knowledge of Hindi words could do wonders.

Isn’t it a great idea to learn a few native words of the country you’re traveling?? Because when you make efforts to communicate in other people’s words, it makes you special, and opens the doors of trust and connection. It makes difference and you will find yourself.

When you are in India, it is always advisible to know some common Hindi words and Phrases.

A Tip To Remember : Do not forget to wear a smile on your face. A smile is a great common language that everybody understands and it works everywhere.

It doesn’t take a lot of advance preparation to be able to nail down the language basics and the rewards are well worth any level of effort.
No its time to end this post here. Feel free to ask me if you need any more information on Hindi words.

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Bye guys. 

Stay Happy. Stay Blessed.

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