Koh Phi Phi Islands

White sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters, and exotic island vibes, Koh Phi Phi Island looks like one of those picture perfect postcards. 

things to do in koh phi phi islands

The moment I stepped my foot on this island, it was love at first sight for me. We had booked a villa in Bay View Resort for 4 days. Before I start sharing my experience of this resort, let me first tell you how to get to phi phi island. If you already know this information then you can scroll down a bit for the resort review.

How To Reach To Koh Phi Phi Islands

The nearest airports to Koh Phi Phi Island are Krabi and Phuket International Airports. From Bangkok I took a AirAsia flight to the tiny Krabi Airport.

There are ferries departing from Phuket and Krabi to Phi Phi Island. The frequency and times depend on the season. You can check ferry schedule and book tickets online on 12go.asia

The route is somthing like this:

Krabi Airport -> Cab/Taxi -> Krabi Pier -> Ferry -> Koh Phi Phi Pier

OR Phuket Airport -> Cab/Taxi -> Phuket Pier -> Ferry -> Koh Phi Phi Pier

On 12go.asia website, you can book book Cab and ferries.  There are good deals if you book the return ticket in advance.

How Long It Takes To Reach To Bay View Resort?

Bay View Resort is one of the affordable resorts in Koh Phi Phi with breath taking views.

koh phi phi islands accommodation property

…..these kind of view one can get from Bay View Resort…..

In Koh Phi Phi there are no vehicles. The reason is, this tiny little island has no roads for cars or two wheeler. The entire island can be explored properly by walking.

The Bay View Resort is located at the far end of the Phi Phi Island, almost 15 mins walk from phi phi pier but the good part is that you have a beach to yourself. The walk is completely worth with extremely good views.

things to do in koh phi phi don islands

…views like this one are everywhere till you reach Bay View Resort….

The hotel offers a free boat shuttle from and to the pier on your arrival and departure days (the shuttle schedule matches the ferry boats). For all other days, you can reach the pier – and all restaurants and stores around – with a short walk bordering the beach.

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When I reached to Koh Phi Phi pier in the evening, low tide was started. I saw a staff member waiting for me at the pier. He carried my luggage in a big cart till the resort. Later I came to know, resort dont provide this free shuttle service when there is low tide.

koh phi phi accommodation

…here we were about to reach the resort. And thats the resort staff helping us with our baggage…

It took us 20-25 minutes slow walk to reach the resort.

First Impressions Of Bay View Resort 

We were greeted with a nice welcome drink. We had to spend first 10-15 minutes at the reception area to complete the formalities (..like filling up their form). Later one of the staff members accompanied us till our villa and he also helped with our luggage.

koh phi phi accommodation cheap

…the rightmost is the reception area of this resort..we reached late evening so here you can see all the dinner tables are set and some people are chilling…

There is a free mini car to move around the resort. I said car..but I am not sure what they call it is as. I looked like a golf car.

koh phi phi islands accommodation bay view resort room

Some of the rooms are very high up (obviously to get the view!) so do take that into account when booking, as you have to walk a long way uphill.

affordable koh phi phi accommodation

At Bay View Resort there are different categories of villas. The price of the villa depends on the kind of facilities and beach view it offers.

Our villa was beach facing villa and to reach their one has to climb a bit. Thank god, the resort offers this car service daily till at specific time in the evening.

It was much quieter and secluded but wait for it, our rooms were on a hill. My only concern about the accommodation, is the walking up and down the hill, if you aren’t physically fit or use to walking on an incline, beware! But if you don’t mind that, it’s a great workout for your legs. I personally enjoyed it.

How Is The Villa??

Our villa had a big cabinet, bathroom, fridge, desktop and a huge balcony.  I have to say that the bed was clean and soft. Let me give you a room tour.

koh phi phi accommodation view

….this cosy bed was spacious for too people….

…….this view was super especially when there was high tide…

…..and this was from the balcony…perfect to rest in the night with a glass of beer …

The balcony is surrounded with views of mountains and beach. Making you crave to watch the crystal clear blue water of Koh Phi Phi beach.

At the resort reception, we got a password for free wifi connection but I found the wifi network was not great in our villa.

The villa was comfortable enough for for two people and get fresh air in our resting time in the balcony. Balcony was the perfect place to have a cup of tea or coffee with a view and at the end of the day enjoying your drink before going to bed.

Some of the bungalows don’t have quite as good a view, as they are situated behind others.

The bathroom was Ok however you are on an island and remember that. 

koh phi phi accommodation room tour picture resort

….bathroom was basic..koh phi phi accommodation room tour picture

….this locker was given to keep your important things safe..


Swimming Pool

There is one common swimming pool in the resort with a short walking distance (depending on which villa you are – the property is big!). Frankly speaking I can not share much information about the pool as I did not swim in it. I fell in love with beautiful beaches of Phi Phi Island so much that I did not feel like entering into pool.

At the pool, I noticed a bar and facility to have spa. To get to the swimming pool one has to climb as it is on the upper side of the property and has not so impressive views.

Exploring The Resort Property

If you have just demotivated by reading above opinion of their swimming pool, then here is a another thing to cheer you up if you are thinking to book your Bay View Resort Villa.

This resort property has stunning views. What you only have to do is, take our your camera and just explore the resort property. Let me share some pictures with you.

koh phi phi islands accommodation beaches

koh phi phi islands accommodation beach

koh phi phi hotels bay view resort

….above three pictures are all inside Bay View Resort Property..views were simply amazing…

Food At Bay View Resort

The breakfast buffet is for people who love a BIG breakfast it has loads to eat. I loved the variety of food at breakfast. From juices, fruits and omelettes to hot local dishes. And my favorite thing in the breakfast? Breakfast with a view! Check out. Isn’t it amazing?

In my total four days of stay at this resort, every day I had breakfast here. Lunch, Snacks and dinner I used to take outside while exploring the island.

Except that one night when we reached the resort little early and decided to have dinner there. Every night they do nice dinner arrangement on the beach.

…you get a change to select your choice of fresh fish here….

… and they then convert that fish into yumm looking dish..i ordered this prawns starter..

koh phi phi islands accommodation beach life

…..you can figure out from my smile that the dinner at Bay View Resort went well..

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More Facilities at Bay View Resort

Along with free wifi, a car to transfer your laggaue from the reception to your villa, free shuttle boat ride to pier, the resort offers following facilities too:

You can book ferries:

At reception there was a counter to book ferries to Krabi or Phuket or other islands in Thailand. We had already booked our ferries online. I quickly compared online ferry rates with the rates the resort was offering. And I found online booking was much cheaper.

12go.asia is a very good website to check ferry schedule online and do your bookings.

Free Sunbathing Beds:

In case if you get tired of exploring Koh Phi Phi Island then just relax at the beach. And the good news is Bay View Resort offers free sunbathing beds (most of them were in good condition ).

koh phi phi islands accommodation beach time

..this is me chilling at the reception area…

Free Fire Shows:

If you haven’t witness the fabulous fire shows of Thailand then here will get an opportunity and that too for free.

Yes, Bay View Resort organizes fire shows in the night. I am not sure whether they organize it daily or on any particular day. 

koh phi phi don night fire show

…fire show was super….

There are a couple of more facilities like:

  • Laundry Service
  • Doctor on call
  • Overseas call service
  • Room service

Beach Time

The beach part of the resort was AMAZING, the best I had visited on the island. When the tide was in (most of the morning and early afternoon) the sea was lovely and deep enough to actually swim in, and also cooler than other parts of the island!

Swimming, sunbathing, walking around, reading or relaxing in the beach. If you explore the resort property then you will find some places as good to be called as private beaches.

koh phi phi islands accommodation bay view resort beach

What To Do Around Bay View Resort?

Around the resort there are a many plans to do. You can shop, go for a beer, eat in local, book a ticket to visit Maya bay, hike to Phi Phi View points, scuba diving. The local market is just 10 minutes far from the resort if you want to feel the vibe around Koh Phi Phi!

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What to do in koh phi phi islands (2)

….hike to phi phi view points was one of the best things i did in koh phi phi island….


I had an amazing time at Bay View Resort and I enjoyed my room, the facilities, the views and the fresh air. The food was decent. The staff was helpful and friendly. Again if I think of value for money then I will give this resort a nice thumbs up.

You can check there current prices and availability of Bay View Resort on Booking.com.

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