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Beautiful Bhogve Beach : Konkan Beaches #1

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Are a sea lover or you like mountains more? How about both.

Then this beach is just for you.

This beach will surely free you from the shackles of stress and boredom. The beach is scattered with rocks and if you plan to take a dip take a close look before you venture into the sea to avoid the rocks.  The sand is (not white sand rather) dark in color. I visited Bhogave beach long long time ago and then 2 times in 2017.

On one side it has rocks from where you can see the beautiful sunset and on the other side you have a clean stretch of beach which is equally beautiful to take a stroll in the morning or during sunset.

Bhogave beach is located at the creek and you can see Devbag beach on another side of the creek. Beach is long and curved. Some rock patches are there and better to avoid swimming in that area.  

The rocky side is great for photographs and watching water splash up behind you! Rest beach is very beautiful. You can visit Tsunami Island from this place for water sports.

Bhogave Beach:

Attractions: Tsunami Island. Beautiful secluded konkan beaches like Nivti, Khavane are just 30 minutes away from it.


By Air: Dablim, Goa

By Rail: Kudal (Konkan Railway)

By Road:

Mumbai To Vengurla Beach :  545 km

Panjim (Goa)  To Vengurla Beach : 67 km

Pune To Vengurla Beach : 403 Km

Where To Stay: MTDC in vengurla. There are many hotels in Nivti and Vengurla villages.

What to Eat: Fresh Malvani Fish fry and curry. For vegetarians try Aamboli(Uttappa), kokam curry and Modak
Any Tips: Avoid going in rocky area without footwear.

I hope this article has helped to keep that travel bug alive in you.

Let me know your latest travel plans. I am curious to know.

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Map of Bhogave Beach

Check out map of Bhogave beach and see if you can find Tsunami island. Its very famous for water sports. Till then bye and take a great care of yourself. Keep visiting. Lots of love.

Center map

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