Maharastra’s coastal side Konkan is famous for its beautiful beaches, fish curry and mesmerizing nature.

I am lucky enough to call it as my village. I have a nice house in Kokan which I visit almost every alternate month.

While writing this post, I am finding it hard to shortlist only 6 beautiful kokan beaches as there are many more.

These 6 beaches are less explored, not so popular so their beauty is untouched.

Top Beautiful Beches in Kokan ->  Maharastra -> India

#1 Aaravi Beach:

Its the ultimate weekend gateway from Mumbai.

This unexplored beach is situated between the popular beaches of Diveagar and Shrivardhan.

Aaravi Beach is one of the best beaches in Maharashtra but it is neglected as tourist prefer to visit other famous beaches around Aaravi Beach. Unlike its nearby Divhyaghar beach this one is less popular. 

When I first visited it in 2014, it immediately fall in love with it. Its has white sand and surrounded by mountains.

Attractions: Very close to Diveagar beach.

Distance: 193 km from Mumbai

Where To Stay: Pratima beach resort

What to Eat: Breakfast and meals available in Pratima beach resort are delicious. Food is typical Maharashtrian. If you are non vegetarian then I would suggest to try prawns masala here.

Any Tips: Since this beach is less popular there are very few hostels available. While visiting this beach its always better to do reservation. Also this is a secluded beach, do not stroll around alone during night.

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#2 Harihareshwar Beach

I visited this beach in 2016. It was my office trip. We wanted to go for a weekend trip (one night stay) and after a couple of hours of debate on the destination we finalized Harihareshwar.

Harihareshwar has many holy places along the seashore.  People come here to perform the last rituals of the deceased given the sanctity of these places.

It is also known as ‘Kashi of the South’ for the ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Harihareshwar is a town in Raigad district, in Maharashtra, India. It has unique black sand.

Attractions: You may like to visit Ganesh Gully.  Srivardhan Beach which is very closed to it. Divegar is another beautiful seashore and calm village just 36 km away from Harihareshwar.

Distance: 200 km from Mumbai

Where To Stay: Here locals are very friendly.  In Harihareshwar town you can find may hotels. However home stays are popular here. Almost every other house provides a simple home stay. IHomestays are very cheap. During my visit we had decided to go for a homestay. It was very comfortable. (You can find my homestay pictures here)

What to Eat: One can enjoy traditional konkani food. A typical Konkani meal consists of vegetables, chapatis, a curry, rice, kokam curry, papad, pickel. In case of non veg you can get chicken thali and fish.

Any Tips: Boating and water scooters are available. You can buy local stuff near beach so it better to keep some cash handy 🙂

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#3 Khavane Beach

This is one of my personal favorite. I have visited this beach twice in 2017 and both the times I was difficult to believe such beaches exist in konkan. This is what they called as virgin beach means hardly any tourist come here.

It has white, clean sand. If you ever wish to visit this beach then you can avoid to miss its sunset its that beautiful. 

Attractions: Near by beautiful beaches Bhogave, Kille Nivati.

Distance: 560 km (approx)from Mumbai

Where To Stay: There are no nearby hotels. The nearest village is Bhogave where home stays are available. Or you can stay in Vengurla/kudal and visit this beach. It takes 30-40 minutes from Kudal city.

What to Eat: There are no hotels or any places around where you can eat. So you will have to carry some snacks with you. Nearest places where one can find hotels are Nivati and Bhogave. Dont miss to try typical Maharastrian veg/non-veg thali.

Any Tips: Carry snacks with you. Sunscreen is must here.

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#4 Bh0gave Beach

Bhogave beach is among the prettiest and most secluded beaches in Konkan. 

Bhogave beach is endowed with foamy waves and brawn sand. Pretty relax atmosphere, not a crowded one like Tarkarli.

Just seat here, get the view and enjoy. Picture perfect beach. Pretty clean and almost lonely on one side. We can get the view of sea and Karli river. Coconut trees and hills provides the perfect background for photos.

Bhogave beach is located at the creek and you can see Devbag beach on another side of the creek. Beach is long and curved. Some rock patches are there and better to avoid swimming in that area

Attractions: You can visit Sunami Island from this place for water sports. You may like to visit near by beaches like Kille Nivati, Khavane.

Distance: 560 km (approx)from Mumbai

Where To Stay: There are some homestay near beach. Or you can stay in Vengurla/kudal and visit this beach. It takes 30-40 minutes from kudal city
What to Eat: There are some stalls nearby where you can get some snacks and tea.

Any Tips: The beach is scattered with rocks and if you plan to take a dip take a close look before you venture into the sea to avoid the rocks. In monsoon its beauty magnifies.

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#5 Vengurla Beach (Near Vengurla Jetty)

Vengurla jetty is one of the main ports from Konkan. You can see fisherman busy with their fishing day to day activity. The sunset view is scenic. Many food stalls are available and also a small fish market freshly caught from the sea. In monsoon sea becomes very rough here.

Attractions: Vengurla lighthouse. Nearby beaches Shiroda Beach, Sagareshwar beach which was just a couple of minutes drive from our place to see the beautiful Sunset and picturesque beauty of the place.

You can also visit Goa in a day – Panajim is only 67 Kms from this place. Vengurla market has its own charm. In Konkan one bazar day is defined for each village.

If you happen to visit Vengurla during its bazar day then you will see local fruits, food,vegetables (unique things we always wish to buy to take home :).

Distance: 547 km from Mumbai

Where To Stay: The closed one is Sagar guest house. You can climb up till sagar guest house and have a paranomic view from there. Also there are a couple of hotels/home stays in main vengurla village. MTDC Sagareshwar Resort is another option. You can find its reviews on Tripadviser here.

What to Eat: In Vengurla market try local ice cream candy. I had tried it 10 years back and since then whenever I am in vengurla, I try not to miss it. Also try Kokam sharbat, Cashew nuts (especially in summer they are so fresh).Typical Malvani seafood is available in every restaurant across Vengurla and adjoining places. Fish fry and plain rice is the main diet here. You must insist to serve fresh catch of the day.

Any Tips:

Vengurla Jetty spot has is getting popularity nowadys. During summers it becomes crowded in the evening.

If you are not so fond of crowded places then try to visit it early morning or evening. While you are on your way to jetty, you will find a narrow road on your left hand side which will take you directly to the beach.

If you are new then it little difficult to find it. So in that case its always better to take a help from local. Also there is limited car parking on jetty and its free.

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#6 Sagareshwar Beach

I relay enjoyed my trip to this beach. Really very beautiful, blue waters and white-golden sands. Sagareshwar beach is long beach located on the south of Vengurla town.

Most of the tourist visit nearby Shiroda beach hence hardly any tourist visit this place. The beach is clean and not commercialized.

Attractions: Closed to Vengurla Jetty, Shiroda beach. Also the famous Shiroda temple is near.
Where To Stay: There MTDC resort. Also one can find hotels/homestays in Shiroda and Vengurla
What to Eat: There are no food stalls on the beach or nearby. But when you are kokan you cann’t miss to have kokani food.
Any Tips: The beach is steep and hence not safe for Non swimmers and children to enter water.  If you’re spending the day here, bring some shade along with you

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I wish you a great day. Keep on visiting here. Bye guys. Take Care.